Sunday, March 5, 2017

(Index) Appropriate limits on pedophile behavior

Posts in category "Appropriate limits on pedophile behavior" (which never includes adult-child sexual activity)
(as of 3 March 2017)

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  1. It is almost never appropriate for a pediphile to spend time with a child or children he is attracted to. I do not understand the logic behind this ideal? Your bio says that you are a father, would you let a pediphile who was attracted to your daughter have significant time with her? The answer is most likely no , because it is an unnecessary risk hat holds no benefit for the child an that's what matters most.... not the the needs of some pedophile.

  2. I would rather get to know people who spend time with my kids, but I would not object because someone is a pedophile. You say there is no benefit to the child, but in fact an adult who is understanding and introduces the kid to new things and listens, etc. can be a big plus. If you think of pedophiles as people who deserve some happiness too, it makes more sense. But like most interactions, it has to work for both people. So the kid has to be interested in the friendship too.