Saturday, July 19, 2014

On comments, and a couple reflections

I welcome comments on anything I've posted. Maybe I didn't say that already, but it's always been true. If you agree, if you disagree, if you're not sure what you think, or if it reminds you of something kind of related.

The only comments I've received are the two I've approved -- I haven't rejected any. There are none in the spam folder. I've heard that some other people have tried but the comment didn't get through. I'm wondering if the title of the blog with that word "Pedophiles" in it might make some service providers trash the message?

I'd love to get that glitch sorted out, but I'm not sure how to do it. If you have ideas, or if you have comments that you would really like to make (even though it's a pain), you can mail them to "ethane72". That's a gmail address; you put "" after it. I can then post it as "anonymous". Of course if you submit by email I won't know what post it's about unless you tell me or it's clear from context. You can also mail things to that address for a private discussion.

This isn't the zippiest, most fun blog around, that's for sure -- but then it isn't the most fun topic either. In most of the posts so far I'm trying to make persuasive arguments. Each post can be taken by itself, but they also build on one another to some degree. But so far I think the title summarizes the point pretty well. "Pedophilia isn't chosen and can't be changed" and "Celibate pedophiles are common" are some key ones.

Happy reading, and I hope I've given you some things to think about.

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